Another Day at the Genealogy Office

Today, I corresponded with 3 women I’ve never met:

1) One was a 23andMe match to my mother who is searching for her birth parents.

2) One was a 23andMe match to my mother whose father emigrated from Pultusk, Poland, after WWII. Pultusk, of course, is where my mother’s father was born.

3) One was someone I’d corresponded with before, whom I first encountered on She is not related to me, but she is a 3rd cousin of 1st cousins of mine.


April 10

In 1914, Alexander Sepersky was born. My Uncle Al was my father’s brother. Like the other Sepersky American-born children, he changed his name to Alexander Spear. In 1940, he married Josephine McCausland, and they had 5 sons together, 4 of whom are still living. He worked in Philadelphia, running a grocery store attached to his house, until he retired and moved to Ocean City, New Jersey. He died in 1993 at the age of 79.