The Tale of the Weisskopf Family

My mother’s mother, Gertrude Weisskopf Jacobs, was born around 1900 in Brody, Galicia. Galicia was a province of the Austrian Empire at the time, but is now part of Ukraine. She was one of 7 children of Berl and Rachel Alia nee Pajes. Gertrude was the first in her family to come to America, in 1920. She was followed only by 2 brothers in the 1930s.

Of the remaining 4 Weisskopf children, I know that one died as a baby. I do not know what happened with 2 of them. Her brother, Chaim, had 3 children. He and his family were killed by the Nazis in the 1940s, but not before they managed to send one son, Werner Weisskopf, age 10 at the time, to America, where he was raised by my grandparents as a brother to my mother and her brother and sister. He changed his name to Robert Weisskopf Werner when he was naturalized. He had 2 children before being taken by cancer at the age of 43.

The 3 Weisskopf children who came to America had 6 children, none of whom are still living. Those 6 had 11 children in America, including me.

Finding more information about my grandmother’s parents and siblings who stayed behind is one of my primary genealogy goals, one which has proven very difficult to meet.


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