The Tale of the Sepersky Family

My father’s father, Samuel Sepersky, was born in 1884 in Kletsk, Belarus, near Minsk. He was the oldest of 5 children of Jacob and Fanny Sepersky. All the Sepersky family members came to America around 1900, to the Philadelphia area. Between 1920 and 1946, all of the children and their descendants changed their name to Spear.

The 5 Sepersky children had 16 children, only 2 of whom are still alive. Those 16 then had 29 2nd generation Americans, including me.

The Sepersky name comes from a small town near Kletsk called Tsepra, whose name may be derived from the Russian word for “bird”, like the name Tsipporah. I assume that the previous generation had lived in Tsepra, and so they chose the name Tseperskij meaning “from Tsepra”.


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