The Tale of the Joseph Family

My father’s mother, Rebecca Joseph, was born in 1883 in Romania, probably in Bucharest (Bucaresti). I know very little about the Joseph family. I believe she was one of at least 5 children, but I do not know their parents’ names. 4 of the children came to America sometime in the early 1900s, plus the husband and children of the 5th, who had died as a young woman.

The 5 Joseph children had 14 children, none of whom are still alive, I believe. Those 14 then had 17 children that I know of, including me.

The Joseph family is intriguing, as I have photographs from the early 1900s of the family, but I cannot identify most of the people in the photographs. Some may be the parents or possibly even other siblings who did not come to America. I know nothing about their life in Romania, with a photograph of an unknown man standing in front of what seems to be a shoe store probably in Bucharest as my best clue. This is the most mysterious of my families as of now.


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