March 31

In 1884, my great grandparents (my mother’s father’s parents) got married in Pultusk, Poland. A translation of the marriage record hand-written in Russian:


It happened in the town of Pultusk on the 19th / 31st day of March, year of 1884 ay 4:00 p,m,, presented himself Zundel Grodzenski*, a Rabbi of the Pultusk District, and in the presence of witnesses Barukh Rozenblum*, a merchant, 53 years old, and Abram Tsynamon*, a scholar, 63 years old, both residing in Pultusk. He stated that yesterday at 9:00 p.m. the religious marriage was contracted between: ITSEK IOSKOVICH* (ICEK JOSKOWICZ**), single, 20 years old, born and residibg in the village of Zalesie Grzimaly, Kozlow Subdistrict, Pultusk District, son of Ioina* (Jojna**) and Rukhla* (Ruchla**) Ioskovich* (Joskowicz**), both living,


MARIA ZARYVACH* (MARYA ZARYWACZ**), an unmarried girl, 18 years old, daughter of David* and Rukhla* (Ruchla**) Davidovich* (Dawidowicz*) both born and residing in Pultuski, along with her parents.

The marriage banns were published on the 11th, 18th and 25th days,of February of the current year, which has been confirmed by a written certificate. The bride’s father’s permission has been given verbally. The newly married couple stated that they did not make any pre-marital agreement between themselves.

This document was read to the witnesses, and signed by them and by the Rabbi. The bride’s father and both newlyweds are illiterate.

NOTES: The two dates given indicates the date in both the Gregorian calendar (used in Russia) and the Julian calendar (used in Poland).
* indicates Library of Congress transliteration
** indicates Polish spelling

Reference to “illiteracy” is made for those who did not read or write Russian, irrespective of knowledge of other languages.


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