Progress in Polish Joskowicz Research

I just made an exciting discovery with regard to the Polish records of the Joskowicz family from over 100 years ago. I had used JRI-Poland to get index information about records of the births of my grandfather, David, and his siblings, and other events in the Joskowicz family in Pultusk between 1877 and 1904.

I just went back to check the data again, and I found that there’s more information available than before. The records now go up to 1912, which includes 8 more relevant items than before, including some records that I had predicted but had not previously had proof of. In addition, each record now includes a link to the page in the Polish records that the data comes from, not just a summary line!

I looked at several of these, and so far I can’t make any sense out of them, but I will spend more time examining them, and perhaps will start looking for someone who can translate Polish for me. I also plan to update my family tree with the additional 8 items that are now available.


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