“Joseph” name possible breakthrough

One of the roadblocks I’ve been running into is getting any information about my father’s mother’s family. She was Rebecca Joseph from Romania. I have never actually found any records listing her maiden name as “Joseph”. That’s just what my mother tells me it was. I can’t find immigration records, marriage records, birth records, nothing about her. I have first names of 4 brothers and sisters of hers, but I’ve never been able to find any records about any of them by that last name.

Pennsylvania recently release birth certificates for 1906-1908. I found my Uncle Ben’s birth certificate, from May 24, 1907. On it, his mother’s maiden name is “Beckie Fakir”. I know she was commonly called Becky, but this “Fakir” name is brand new to me. I will now try researching Rebecca and all of her siblings by that name.

When I do a Google Translate of “Fakir” from Romanian, it has nothing, but suggests that perhaps I want Turkish. In Turkish, it means “poor”. This is interesting, because my brother remembers Uncle Ben saying that his mother came from Romania, but wasn’t really Romanian, was perhaps Turkish. Intriguing! Must find out more.


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